Would this work for a rocket?

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Nov 18, 2014
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Denver, CO
I've been in search of a spool rocket, and I found a big spool at Home Depot.
The "Motor Mount tube" is a little over 3 inches in diameter, so in other words, a 75mm motor would fit in that.
Think of that, a 75mm rocket for $13!
My questions are, do you think it would hold up to some L motors?
And, do you think it would be stable?

Could you turn it into a rocket? Sure. Could it handle L motors? Maybe? However, you would have to build a recovery system into it- not sure how many locations would let you fly a spool that big without a chute or some other active recovery.

FYI- spools are generally inherently stable in flight.
$13 spool is cool, but $150 motors to go maybe 1k feet is not really worth it to me. Plus 75mm has no motor eject so you need an altimeter somewhere and ejection charge, etc etc
Looks like a ready-made fin can. Stick it in a piece of glassed Sonotube, add fins, get a NC from Python.
I use a chute release on my spool. Works great

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Well guys, I'm thinking, this is going to cost lots of money per flight, is it really worth it?
Maybe for someone in experimental rocketry, but for someone like me, I can only fly commercial motors, and those get super expensive!
Any suggestions for decently priced "fun to fly" 75mm L motors?
Oh..... That CTI M8020 that would be so awesome but.....$370! Jeez!!
So, then I start to look at some 75mm 1280 motors, and maybe a K1499 would be OK, it sells for $130.

"decently priced" and "L motor" don't usually go together, unless you've got lots of money.

I have a lot of fun flying my LOC cool spool on G motors. 20$ for the spool, and 10$ for the reload. Sure I'd love a monster mega spool, but then I'd only fly it once per year.
I'd personally put a 38mm motor mount tube and some fiberglass bulkheads for the spool and try it like a flying saucer configuration. You could run a $38-50 I class motor reload, and the casing is around $115 from Aerotech for a 38/480. The I1299N-P reload has same thrust as a K class motor, but it requires electronic deploy. 340 lbs of thrust is plenty to send that spool a good ways up. There were more sensible reloads like I225FJ or the I300T with motor delay options. Loki has some 38mm reloads that are HAZ free. Not the thrill of an L, but it's still decent for entry into HPR without all the wallet pain or waiver headaches. If you need cheaper you can go down to 24mm or 29mm HPR reloads and those will have prices similar to $25 a flight, but the thrust doesn't compare to a 38mm.