Winnsboro TRA-LA launch

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Jan 19, 2009
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Is it still on? The weather doesn't look as good as last month when it was cancelled.

I'll be there if it's on.
i was surprised when they cancelled it last month as the forcast wasn't that bad.
i wouldn't be able to make it this weekend anyway.
The last High Cotton launch until Sept./Oct., near Winnsboro, LA, is scheduled for this Sat./Sun. March 19-20. Cajunman & other LA rocketeers, I hope you can make it. The weather looks good for Sat.. Sunday is questionable, according to forecast I have seen.
Finally! The launch was ON. Although the weather forecast wasn't good, by about 2pm the clouds cleared leaving perfect conditions. No wind either, flights over 6000 feet with (oops) apogee deployment were returning close by.

Scott Taylor is prepping his beautifully finished triangular rocket. It's built completely from plywood with the exception of a 38 mm tube running the length.
Ed Grippo had been waiting months for a chance to certify. Here is his Tethys on a H153 for a successful L1.
After passing the test, he goes for L2 with his Endeavour and a J420-M. Success!
I wasn't expecting to be here for a launch so I didn't bring much in the way of rockets. I did rebuild the 24mm Deuce that I had shredded at the SEARS launch. Since I changed the fin shape, I called it Was a Deuce.
Scott Taylor also had an all orange Ultimate Endeavour that he called Tangerine Dream. A beautiful flight on a K550.
There is a small airstrip on the field. Today, a pair of crop dusters were flying around most of the day. We had to wait until they were away or landed to launch. Here's one of them.
Paul Savoie launched this 4" rocket on a K1275R. Fast boost to an estimated 9000 feet, accidental apogee deployment, and a landing in the cow pasture.
Ron attempts L2 with a Hypertek motor. Unfortunately, it CATOs, shattering the grain and rear part of the rocket.
However, he had also brought a Magnum. After locating a J350, Second Chance provides a sucessful L2.