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Aug 20, 2003
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Nochex is under the gun from the Financial Services Administration watchdogs to be sure that they aren't being used by money laundering drug dealers, arms smugglers, major US corporations like Enron or even inside traders like Martha Stewart.

Deepsky failed to get a bunch of paper work to Nochex in time to convince them that we are not supporting international terrorism etc so they suspended our account. Service will resume shortly as soon as they figure out that we aren't in cahoots with al Queda, IRA, Enron or Martha Stewart.

Needless to say we don't sell drugs (although we like to get rockets high!), smuggle arms (but we do sell a lot of BP motors!), have any connection with Enron et al. (if we did, we'd be on the run in the Bahamas with the rest of that lot), and we always put our faith in Nigella Lawson and Delia Smith on the domestic front.

We expect our Nochex account to be down for a few days...

If you want to order by credit card and you don't have a Paypal account, just call us with your credit card info on

Tel 01582 462720

or send us a

Fax 01582 462536

Emailing credit card numbers is risky... but you can break the number and expiration date into two or three pieces and have reasonable security if you want to do it that way.

You can still use the on-site shopping cart (choose cheque as the method of payment on check out)... or just tell us what you want when you call!

Work on our secure credit card pages is hurtling ahead and pretty soon we won't have to worry about Nochex or Paypal any more... what a relief!

But even then, you can still ring or fax with your precious 16 digit number if you are worried about internet security.

We'll have another newsletter along with more info shortly... in the meantime the Squirrel Works and Custom rockets are now adorning out pages but there are more to come.

The PicoAlts are now in stock and boy are they small! The PicoAlt logging altimeter would fit in an egg if you wanted to do some egg lofting R&D with one of our new Elite egg lofters.

Since All Saints Day is nigh and the lights are going up on Oxford Street, I guess it might be time to mention our plans for Christmas. We will have some specials on very soon but if you are looking for a good rocket Christmas present, the Handbook of Model Rocketry is one-size-fits-all as is the rocket cam video (though it is an NTSC tape).

And if you don't trust mum/dad/Aunt Sally to buy the right rocket for Christmas, there are various sized Deepsky Gift Certificates to suit.

One thing we can't yet promise for Christmas but we are trying hard to make it happen: Afterburner ;-)

Fly em high!

The Deepsky Team
Ahh! Nigella! That lady can COOK! Speaking as a red blooded Yankee, the accent is the icing on the cake!

Oh, yeah. Good luck with the Nochex account! :D
You guys have to prove that you're not guilty? The burden of proof is suppose to lie with the acusser. :confused:
Its supposed to be Innocent 'til proven Guilty, over here, but that seems to have been forgotten over the last few years.

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