What's a reliable 24mm workhorse?

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I'm really fond of my "Yosemite SAM" for small field flying on a C11-3, and larger fields with a D12-5.

My Starship Vincia is also a reliable small field crowd pleaser on a D12-3.
Originally posted by Gus
Nobody's yet mentioned the Super Big Bertha. Not as solidly built as the Executioner or Big Daddy but I've had to rebuild both of those while the SBB just keeps going...and going....and going.

For some reason the SBB makes my wife laugh like crazy every time it launches. :p

That's another good one. I left off those blocky balsa fin-joint thingys, though. Used epoxy and little holes in the bt to attach the fins. Working great so far.

fehskens: That Starship Vincia is beautiful!

I forgot about the Maniac - I think it's OOP, but didn't they release it under another name later?

You guys who are lamenting the Silver Comet / V-2 are forgetting something - Estes will soon be releasing their "X-Prize" line of rockets which includes the Canadian Arrow rocket, which will no doubt use the V-2's nose and tail cones. So, you've got an easy way to clone a V-2, or a Silver Comet, or just build it "stock".

I think the Red & White maple leaf paint scheme looks awesome, and basically being a stretched-out V-2 design, stability ought to be better than the V-2; it will probably easily convert to an "E" bird with minimal nose weight.

Here's a link to the original's website, maybe someone else has the Estes brochure image handy.

This is one of my favorites. All the others mentioned were great choices. I still have my Der V-3 and Pathfinder. What about the Saturn V? Or the Black Brant II? I have a 3D cluster Fat Boy that flies great every time, also a 24mm version. Anyway, enjoy the picture.....so many choices.
Originally posted by OKTurbo
I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the "Mighty Mick" from ThrustAero. It's one of my favorites. Nice and simple....fly it on 18mm's with an adapter....or let it rip on a D12.

I second that!;)
I see that no one has mentioned the Estes Phoenix yet. That flies very nicely on a D12-3 up to about 300-350 feet. Just don't fly it in windy conditions as it will most likely weathercock significantly.

I've heard it flies nice on E9's but I have yet to try it.

Although the other choices mentioned earlier are great also, I'd reccommend those too.
i told my wife i was pretty much done with building rockets...

now i have to pare this list down a bit...

thanks for the input!

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