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May 1, 2003
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I never had the chance to own one of these.. So I decided Friday that I would build one..

I am using a BT-55 for the main tube.. BT-70 for the outer tubes.. It will fly on a D12-5 and have a nice low flight.. I love low and slow. Will fly nicely with an E9..

Outer Tubes in place.. I put the nose cone on to see how it looks..
It's looking awesome! Are you getting decals for it? Also, may I recommend you weigh the finished product before selecting the delay. I'd hate to see it prang on a D12-5. I figure even if it has an early deployment it can't possibly be going that fast to cause any real damage. Just my paranoid self chipping in a suggestion. Nice work!
Yes I am getting decals.. Just haven't ordered them yet.. I used Rocksim for the motor selection..

Here is the Rocksim file.
I I love that rocket!!!!! I want to build an upscale for like Hs orr maybe bigger, it is such a c cool rocket. Here is a pic of mine
Orbital: Great work can't wait to see it painted.
... I always liked the design also. Here's a photo of my 4 Ram-jets. micro, standard, 1-D12 upscale and 3 D-12 3X Clusterd Upscale.
Hey Orbital,

I'd *love* to copy this project of yours!

Got any fin templates? Body tube lengths? I can't get the tube lengths on the original from JimZ's, because it's one of those with the dad-gummed eleventy-billion-digit catalog numbers and no dimensions. ( :mad: )
Originally posted by Orbital

Do you have Rocksim?

Only the demo version. Apparently, you can save the file so that the Demo version can open it (Bruce Levinson has done this for me previously.)
I'd like the RockSim file, if you don't mind posting it.
he did post it... its back up near the top in the 5th post.

good looking rocket, btw! cant wait to see it finished.
I am just about ready to paint.. I am getting a few rockets ready to paint all at once.. Just thought I would try it that way..

Oh by the way I am going to try that Testors Decal System to make the decals.. Seem faily simple..

Ya know, of all the rockets/missiles out there, the ram jet has to be one of the best looking " sweet as sugar " designs ever.

Really I salute all of you for making this design look so sharp.

Hey I finished up today with the dacals.. The Testors Decal system worked great.. thats pretty...*droollllllll*

I'm also thinking the word pretty only should be used when describing a rocket launching, or your favorite lady in a micro-mini 8)
Looks great!
What thickness did you use for the vanes and the fins?