upscale pheonix...

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Jan 26, 2009
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no, not an upscale from the real thing :D

im thinking of building a 1.5x pheonix from the estes model... i havent had a real serious rocket project that took more than an hour to stick together for awhile... also its just about the prettiest bird ever...

anyway yah 1.5x is gonna be pretty big... im just wondering what do u guys think i should power it with? what am i gonna need to just make it work...

just playing around with some measurements i got the original estes measurments were (in inches)

body lenth: 21 3/4
width: 2 5/8 inches

Big fin lenth- 9 7/16
top of the big fins width- 9/16
bottom of the big fins width-- 2 1/2 inches

small fins lenth-- 2 10/16
small fins widt 2 5/16

nosecone-- 8 1/4

if any of thse are wrong, or anyone knows the correct ones (in inches or cm) post em please...

kinda a wild thought but i think it'll be worth it...


yah i only have access to g's max...
sounds cool, phoenix is a cool looking rocket. I like the 4" Thoy
i rock simmed it but stupidly forgot what i was doing and 2x'ed it... on a g the 2x went 500 something feet... now i gotta re do the calculations blah blah blah...
perdy bird there :)

im gonna draw a bunch of sketches and roc sim them and experiment alittle with it...

oh... got bored too so decided why not downscale a pheonix?
the Phoenix is a cool rocket, I'd build it strong and throw an H in it :)
Skunk Works also makes an upscale Phoenix, at 5.5", with a 54mm mount. Flies beautifully, and it's fairly simple to put together.

5.5" Phoenix

i would if i had access to those engines...

man. 5 inch would be insane :D
that 4" phoenix looks nice.....makes me want to build one
umm... i tried to roc sim this but i cant cause it keeps closing... anyone got an idea of how high a 2x pheonix would go on a 3 or 4 G cluster?

i kinda want this to be speical :D
It's plumbing insulation. I got it at one of our local Menard's stores. 4 tubes about 3' long, for around $1.50.
You might try just modifying an estes phoenix kit first. It's a lot of fun and very challenging to build one that can take more stout motors.

I used the nose cone and tube is about all that is stock. Modified the fins to 1.8" ply, foamed the fin can for fin support because they keep breaking on landing, used custom 29mm centering rings and added a bunch of nose weight.

Flies great on G64-7's and G80's. Use Kaplow clips for motor retention. Give it a try first, you'll love it. Great alternative to an AT kit to fly the G impulse with not too high altitude.