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Jan 18, 2009
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Has anyone stuck a 24mm mmt in an estes patriot I made mine for C-11, D-12, E-9's Im letting paint dry now. How would this combo perform?
Im sure it will fly pretty well on a D12 or even a E9. , or if you got another , and fibreglassed the tube , glassed the fins , and made through the wall fin slots. You could get away with a Aerotech E30 Blue Thunder :D :p

But you would be better of Rocsim'ing her before she flies , just to make sure she is stable , and if you need to add any noseweight.
I upgrade all my rockets like my corkscrew i stuck a F in it and it flew awsome there was no hook because there was no room for a mount but it was awsome! so go for it!
I put a 24mm mmt in my Estes Patriot and if flies great on a Estes D12-5. No extra nose weight needed. Great combonation!

It's an awesome flier on E9s!! Woohoo!

You dont need all the glassing of the tubes or fins if you dont want to. I did mine up with a 24mm mount. Ran it through all the engines working my way up. 18mm C6-5 first with an adapter, then C11, D12 then finally an E9. All went well!

I did however drill a few holes in the body tube on the fin lines so that when I glued the fins with epoxy they would anchor in. I used about 4-5 coats of sanding sealer then painted it (though glassing the fins is a lot easier, just takes longer).

Rocsim showed it would be stable with the added weight of the E9. Also I used twice the tube length of shock cord and put a 15" Nylon chute.

I had another Patriot with the standard 18mm mount that I stuck a 18mm Aerotech RMS D13-7 in. Now that was way cool! Talk about a "Bat out of H***!".

My next Patriot project is a 2 or 3 18mm cluster. I'll try to post some pics.

It's a nice looking rocket that isn't so small you loose it and the $8.88 price tag Walmart has it for helps!

Here's a blast-from-the-past post of mine from when I first joined on TRF. This is my dual 18mm scratchbuilt US ARMY Patriot. I went as far as to put faux conduits on it. This was a fun build.

<a href="https://www.rocketryforum.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=759">Dual 18mm Patriot</a>.
It sounds like its gonna be cool. Could some one rocsim sim it and tell me what to expect like speed
thank you for any anwsers
C11-5 - 580' ~ 170mph
D12-5 ~ 1100' ~ 255mph
E9-6 ~ 1600' ~ 291 mph
E11-5 ~ 1700' ~ 281mph
F72-10 ~ 2700' ~ 710mph

almost hits mach...
i think the fins would fall off first though...