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Jan 25, 2009
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I found this picture looking at pictures of rocket drones for "inspiration" and couldn't resist posting it! It is AWESOME!

I saw that just the other day, man those motors are putting out alot of smoke. It does look just like a deuce smoke trail though! :D
That is TOO COOL! Man... Wouldent it be fun to watch one of those things... Is there a video where you found that?
That funny Navy target drone.... Ill go look up the name.:D
Oh... Man... I think I might know.... Is it one of the Armys (or navys, i forget) first cruise missiles? Ill keep looking for the name and/or a pic.:rolleyes:
SSM-N-8 (RGM-6A)Heres the link!

OK. What did I win?

MORE nuke warheads.... W-5 nuclear fission (40 kT) and, after 1958, it could have a W-27 thermonuclear warhead (2 MT). EEK!:eek:
Excellent Works Neil!
You have found em! SSN-N-8 Regulus-I ship or sub launched cruise missile!
Heres another pretty neat shot of one of the early Test RED rounds
thankyou, thankyou, thankyouverymuch!:D :cool:

What is my prize?;) :D A REAL Regulus?:cool: :D :D
That launch reminds me of the RATO units used on the C-130's for short take-off fields.

I wonder if you could make a Deuce with motors stacked vertically... like a double deuce or something...
I wonder if you could CHAD stage a duece.... Theres an idea....:cool:
I beleive thats already been done. It was someone on here...
we were just talking about the C130 in another post, interesting.

that is one big cruise missile, but I bet it doesnt have the accuracy of todays
Very sweet missile, but the website says it was easily shot down. Do I understand correctly, it had a conventional jet engine inside?
Regulus-I was one the the navy's first ship and sub based cruise missiles. yes is was a standard jet motor as are most if not all the cruise missiles of today...Rocket boosted, jet JP-1 fueled sustainers engines.
Like most things the originals.. are usually Big bulky slow things, that get smaller and faster as the tech improves.
Look at the USAF hounddog it's a very streamlined missile strapped to a HUGE HONKIN Jet engine. really funny if you think about it:D
Why not just use the rocket engine in the missile:confused: :confused: :confused:
LoL :D

Reminds me of this german "missile" I saw on a documentary. They basically thought: "Hey, lets strap a rocket motor to the top of a bomb, and launch it from an 88mm gun rail" :rolleyes:

Alot of the german missile prototypes in WW2 had "Deuce style" rocket boosters, like on this cruise missile. One of them even had 4 :eek:
Because a cruise missile is designed to be able to travel llooonngg distances, and a rocket motor isnt the sort of thing to do that. And if there was a rocket motor that could burn for however long a cruise missile is propelled for, the missile would probably go too fast and disentergrate (sp?)... The rocket motors on 'em are just to get it up in the air so the jet can take over.
That makes sense:rolleyes: but if you launched it at the right angle.....:D
It would be a Ballistic missile instead of a cruise missile...
I know. My point is, why have cruise missiles when you got ballistic ones?:confused: I suppose they are still handy in precise attacks....:rolleyes:
Erm... Im not sure about this but are they cheaper?
Maybe because cruise missiles are easier to deal with for polotics or something. Ie, We have launched 300 tomahawks at you capital city. You have around half hour till impact to take shelter. With a ballistic missile: We have launched 300 ballistic missiles at your capital city. You have 2 minutes to take cover.

Cruise Missiles are certainly more precise then ballistic ones.

Warfare has changed alot in the last 100 years...
there are many reasons, cruise missiles can attack one target extremely accuratly from long distances. ICBMs are more expensive and are not as accurate and they have like 10 warheads, which are nukeclear.

you use cruise missiles "without the fuss of mass destruction"