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May 25, 2009
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I'v got several tubes 36 inches long and 3 inches in diameter.
Can anything be done with that using low power rocket motors?
If the tubes are very thick walled, they can always be peeled, Time consuming but can reduce the excess weight, or as Doug mentioned 4 D12's fits very nicely in a BT-80 2.558" I.D. so anything with in inside diameter larger would work nicely. a 2 pound model on 4 D's makes for some very nice low altitude flights.
like micromister said... a cluster can make some nice flights, if you really wanted to you could probably pack a bunch of small engines in there and still get an OK flight. i'm working on a 7.5' model that’s using a 3in cardboard tube, i pealed the inside out till it was of a more appropriate thickness (the only problem with this is that u can never get exactly the same ID all the way through out)... be warned, though, unless you have really small hands you’ll end up with some raw knuckles! i'm planning on powering that rocket with an AT G... i might toss two BP motors in to make sure i get enough speed off the pad (i'd hate to have it under powered :rolleyes: )

here’s a pic of my rocket:

nd another pic:
If they are good quality, smooth, circular (not bent or pinched), thick walled, and a bit on the heavy side, these tubes may be too much to put into the air, but they make excellent "tower" launchers. You can either launch small competition rockets through the insides of one tube, or arrange the tubes as three external 'rails' to contain and guide a rocket at launch. Just a thought---
If you have Rocksim (or even the free demo version), you can experiment with the clustering effects to see just how much you can pack into a 3" diameter tube. Without that, I never would have known you can stuff 4 24mm mounts into a single BT-80 (with about 2mm to spare, or so it seems).

You might even be able to go with a whole bunch of 18mm's arranged around the outside with a single 29mm in the middle. Alternate B's and C's in the outer ring, and go to town with your 29mm. Idea being that the B's and C's will get your initial kick off the pad, then let the 29mm do the rest.

Just letting my mind wander on this subject is conjuring up extreme desires to skip work today and hide out in my porch/rocket lab all day. Darn I wish I had a clone!