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Jun 28, 2004
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I was recently thinking of making my own motor mount, the single-engine type that FlisKits sells, with the paper rings, tube, and engine hook. And now that I think of it, the hardest part (other then getting the supplies), would be cutting the paper motor rings out.

This got me thinking of another idea, what if there was some sort of stamp-cutter to do this for me? It's kind of hard to explain, but just visualize it like this:

There is a thin but strong metal ring a bit over the size of a, I dunno, let's just say a 24mm motor mount in diamater, and is pretty thick horizontally. Then, there is a nice stamp-like handle on top. To use the simple device, you get the paper for the rings and stamp the paper where the tube is supposed to go through.

The result is that the cutter-stamper stamps out a nice circle out of the paper.

Is there a device like this out already? I don't think it would be hard to build, just some flimsy (enough to bend) but strong metal sheet/ring that can be rolled up to a good size, and a little stub of wood for the mount. Then you could make a set of them for different motor mount sizes.

Or is there another way to make precise circle cuts?
I've thought of this very thing a number of times. Problem is the cost. What you are describing, effectively, is a die. Making a cutting die isn't all that difficult, making it accurate is an artform. Also, the die blades are expensive and hard to form. I imagine you could hand make something suitable, but there would most likely be rework of the ring after cutting...
Try the CircleScissors from Hobby Lobby. It can cut paper, cardboard and formcore board in circles from 24mm to 150mm. The cost is about $17 for the kit.
Alright, thanks for the feedback everyone. I'll be sure to check out those Circle Scissors.
I use just a cheapo compass, and a hobby knife, but I think your better off with the cutter set