Tri-Trident - A Very Scratch Build

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Does anyone remember the old Estes "C" rails?
The rail button was nothing more than a nylon screw through the tube. The screw head was the "button" that slid into the rail.

I used that concept as a quick and dirty mini button for the club rail so I can fly this weekend.

IMG_0380.jpg IMG_0379.jpg
Flew this at the URRG launch on a D21. This was a good engine as the rocket weighed nearly 14 oz.
The chute snagged on one internal "braces", so it came down horizontally. Landed on the soft dirt with no damage.

IMG_0387.jpg IMG_0386.jpg

This was definitely a different build. If I ever do it again, I would ease up on the extra layers of cardstock, as it made the rocket too heavy. Of course, how many rockets need to have triangular tubes????