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Feb 2, 2009
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Well, a long-awaited change in my employment situation has finally happened. No, I didn't get fired - but I will finally have my weekends off and some extra $$ for bigger projects (L2 is calling!).

So besides finally being able to regularly attend our local launches, I want to plan on traveling to some big regional ones. Won't be able to do LDRS this year, it conflicts with our family vacation schedule.
Note to any lurking BoD'ers: July 4th weekend is NOT a good time for LDRS, IMHO.;)

Anyway, I was thinking in terms of going to something far away like XPRS or next year's LDRS. For those of you that travel, how do you get your rockets out there? Do you fly and ship them, or just make it a week's trip and drive? What about motors?
what are you doing driving from the backseat?
backseat driver!!!!!!!!!!!!
well, that makes sense

i was a pretty good backseat driver when i was a kid, too!
We ( The BRG ) hav an old camper trailer converted to a rolling workshop, complete with power and running water

Works very nice for long haul launches


Come visit us at LDRS
I usually travel with others, but, I have driven the 'red wagon of death' aka my bright red station wagon. Works pretty well, and has lots of storage space.

In a suburban, we cut a plywood board over the wheel humps. This gives double the surface area for our stuff. Turned out for LDRS 22, everything fit perfectly. This year we plan to strap some of our chairs, table, etc on the top of the truck.
For launches like LDRS we usually have one member driving and they will take everything. If it requires a trailer or the like that is bad for gas mileage it it is nice to have a donation.
When Jim Cornwell launched the 12" dia mosquito at Orangeburg I pulled a trailer with nothing in that belonged to me from Arizona.
This is the first year I am flying to get to the launch, so I am shipping my things to someone in the area.