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Jan 17, 2009
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Which is something I'll be doing tonight...

We saw the wife's neurologist today. The tumor is about the size of a pickle chip. It's benign. It was caused by the radiation treatments she had because of the earlier tumors 19 years ago.

The brain around the tumor is very quiet. So, sometime after the holidays, they'll go in and take it out. There's no hurry.

And now, I'll be able to sleep again.
Very good news.

Best wishes for a successful and trouble-free surgery.

That is wonderful news!!!

Hug and kiss her for us all.

Sleep well.
I'm trying to figure out who I screwed over and how badly I did it to get this kind of kharma backlash this last month.

Early yesterday morning, my car was stolen. Again. (Go ahead and laugh Al) They popped the door lock and the ignition. And sawed through the steering wheel to get at the club I had on it.

Problem was, this time, it was involved in a hit and run involving a pedestrian.

So I'm worried. Although I know we're not liable because it was stolen, I'm still worried we'll get sued anyways. We don't need the legal bills.

Thankfully, the cops aren't being jerks. I get my car back in the morning. We're going to set this thing up with several kill switches.
Absolute bummer. Hang in there, it's gotta change soon (for the better).

I hope the pedestrian is all right.

Isn't this what you pay insurance for? Isn't part of the coverage that you have supposed to be for liability? A few years ago when my dad's van was stolen, he was not held responsible for the damages done by the thief. His insurance company represented him, because that was a liability claim. Might be worth a call to your agent.
The operator at the police department was wrong. They didn't hit a person.

They hit a white picket fence. Because there is a white scrape and dent on my passenger side door. Not that I really care, as there was already some paint transfers.

They got the SOB though. He made an illegal turn, and they chased him for a few blocks. That's how the scrape happened.

I do have to replace the driver's door handle now. Also no biggie. I'll get one from a junk yard. Its an older car, so one of them around here should have one.

Tomorrow, we put in the kill switch.