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Jan 20, 2009
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Hey gang.

Just asking for a few opinions here. My build team is going for a 1/4 scale bomarc. It will be approx. 11.5' x 4.5' and 45#. We are arguing about what motor to use. None of us are L3, so anything over a L motor is right out. We are split between a Hypertek L625 (93%L) and a Pro75 L1115 (99%L). Any opinions?
I wouldn't try it on the hybrid. It would be very marginal on the L625. David (daveyfire) flew one in a 35 pound rocket of his. I wouldn't push the motor any harder than that. Go with the L1115, or the AT L1420R when they start making them again.

hope this helps!:)
That was the feeling that I had as well. We will be flying it at Plaster Blaster this year, come on down and see it!
Yup... I agree with Eric... that was my rocket. Weighed 25 lbs empty and from the video, was just about 4:1 off the pad. I wouldn't do anything heavier! Skywriting Hyperteks are just nasty... they get all smoky and nasty :p