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Jan 22, 2009
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I am attempting to build a electronic deployment for the first time and have a couple of questions. Also if you have any insight to pass along, please by all means do so.

I have 2 Altimeters CoPilot and Ozark ARTS , so you see I have already drop some bucks and want to preserve my investment.
(I know welcome to High power etc)

I am in the process of creating a test plan for my deployment.
Oh forgot I have "QuickBurst Hot Shot" and on order "Daveyfire Electric Matches".

Features of the Ozark Arts Altimeter fro Loki Research:

Found at : https://secure.consumersinterest.com/loki/store.asp?groupid=52120034163298

Features of the CoPilot
PML Co-Pilot Altimeter



1) Check ONE ematch with a 9 volt battery to ensure that at this is not a bad batch of ematches.

2) Check for continuity with a ohm meter
What resistance should I read ?

3) Ensure step 2 has passed.
Connect both drogue and main outputs to an ematch each.
Turn power on and ensure that the Altimeter reports continuity for drogue and main.

4) Power off Altimeter disconnect the drogue output to a ematch and power on, the Altimeter should report only the Main as having continuity.

5) Power off Altimeter reconnect the drogue output to an ematch.
Disconnect the main output to a ematch and power on, the Altimeter should report only the Drogue as having continuity.

6) Power off the Altimeter disconnect the output of the Drogue and Main output to the ematches. Power on the Altimeter and check that the Altimeter is reporting both Main and Drogue have NO continuity.

7) Power off Altimeter and reconnect both ematches one to Drogue and the other to the main outputs. Turn power on and set both Main and Drogue to fire.

(This is done differently for each Altimeter ( Arts uses an GUI Diagnostic to fire the outputs separately and Copilot uses switch settings to fire both in sequential )
Ensure the ematches lite.
If not check with Altimeter compatibly list to ensure the Altimeter vendor has tested the ematches.
(Note I tried ARTS with the QiuckBurst Hot Shot ematches and got no ignition.
I will try the QuickBurst HOT Shot ematches with the CoPoilt0 Altimeter. Hopefully Daveyfire Electric Matches will ignite under the ARTS Altimeter.

8) Test 1-7 must pass Power off the Altimeter; setup 2 ematches with a ejection charge for both approx .5 grams of power in each canister and tape off the ends.
. Turn power on check the Altimeter report continuity on both Drogue and Main output Trigger both Main and Drogue to fire. Ensure the Ejection charge fires properly.

(Note I live in the suburbs in SF bay area (Fremont, CA).
Can you fire the ejection canister in my back yard and not have the Police and Fire show up at my doorstep? Or should I do this a Launch? Who do I check with as to what can be done in the backyard as to firing ejection canister?

9) Ensure test 8 has pass. Install ejection canister using the appropriate ematches tested above in the rocket with long wire leads (10 ft ?).

At this point , if the rocket is already assembled , how do I restrain the rocket assembly in order to test the ejection? Should the rocket be standing up straight or in a horizontal position? (If horizontal I would be worried of damaging the fins.)

Connect to a 9 volt battery to the drogue ejection canister ensure the rocket separates for the Drogue.
Test again using the Main ejection canister ensure the rocket separates for the Main.

10) Turn power off, install the Altimeter and ejection canisters with ematches again in the rocket. (With appropriate deployment settings on the Altimeter)
Good luck !