Sunday of Flying


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Oct 13, 2009
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Outing today was very fun. Set out with all our rockets.

Estes Farside
Estes Sky Dart Centauri
Quest Novia

The Novia is a nice little pepper of a rocket.:y: Took off and was almost out of sight just on an A8-3. Streamer recovery was a little too fast for this rocket. Came down and popped a fin. :confused: Should be a fairly simple fix but I might look into a small parachute. The BT is only slightly over 18mm so there isn’t much room. I would love to see that thing go up on a B or C.

Estes Farside is a starter kit E2X rocket with slotted plastic fins. This rocket is my touch guy. It’s gone up about 7 times on everything from an A8-3 to C6-5. C6-5 is a nice flight. Launches out of sight, then hangs in the air forEVER…:shock: Melted the shoot a little on the 3rd flight. Pulled it apart and launched again. Finally, after the 7th flight the estes rubber band failed causing the body tube and the nosecone to separate.:rolleyes: The main body came in hard as the nosecone floated down nice and slow. No real damage, like I said this rocket is a.k.a. “Tuff Guy”. I will be replacing the rubber strap with a bit of Kevlar.

The Sky Dart is a 13mm rocket with plastic fin setup. Ordered some A10-3T motors and all I have to say is WOW. :cool: That little missile is gone. Good thing it has a streamer. This rocket is the tuff guy’s little brother, because that thing burned in fast too. So far I’m not a big fan of streamer recovery. They come down pretty hard. :mad: Although with the plastic fins this little guy can take it.

The Centauri is a very cool looking rocket. My excited son accidently stepped on it and broke a fin. I was able to kind of bend the fin back without snapping it off and decided to throw an A8-3 in and give it a shot. :dark: I figured the fin would hold for at least one flight. After the flight the fin was pretty loose so rather than pose a risk to the spectators I pulled the plug in hopes I could fix it and maybe launch it another day. For its one flight it took off like an arrow, something I wasn’t expecting since the one fin was mostly broken. This kit was very nice to work with. At first I was a little sad because it wasn’t what I had ordered originally. The Custom Game Over kit was what I ordered and got a call saying it was out of stock. At any rate, I was very happy with the centauri. Looking forward to repairing this rocket and getting it up in the air again.

All in all had a wonderful time. Got in about 12 launches. Another guy and his kid came out and put his rocket up 2 or 3 times on thier launch set too.
:) Very nice day.



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Oct 12, 2009
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To me that is what rocketry is all about having fun. Some of my greatest memories with my son was when we were launching rockets. Just don't bring up the "hamster".

Andrew from Texas