Successful loose motor mount flight

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Pem Tech

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Jan 19, 2009
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Llama Central
Some time back, during the development of the King Kraken, I was flying a prototype called "The Toober". It was constructed of a 30" long 3" shipping tube airframe, a phenolic MM, PML nose cone, a paper tail cone and hand-cut CR's from heavy cardboard. It was all put together with Gorilla glue, as I had just bought some and wanted to try it out. Her first flight was on an F39, which was successful other than on landing the rocket landed directly on the motor tube and the CR's broker loose from the BT. The entire motor mount would move fore and back inside the BT, but it was a snug fit.
It was summer, hot as all get-out, humid and I did NOT want to have to go home after one flight.
Being the "nut-job" that I am, I wondered if the friction between the CR's and BT would hold the mount in place. So, I pulled the Motor tube back out to its proper position, loaded up an F40 and punched the button. Another perfect flight! When recovered the motor mount was pushed back the same distance as after landing from the first flight.
Truth is I really expected cartwheels and disaster....
Quite a head-scratcher...

Has anyone else been crazy enough to try this?
No, Layne...You are the only one. The rest of us always fly 100% within the NAR Safety Guidelines. :neener: