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Jan 21, 2009
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hey folks, Saturday at ROC we (my son Aidan, age 6, & I) certified NAR Level 2!!!

I have to say "we" because we used his rocket, a Skunkworks Skeeter.

Also I have to say "we" because he studied the test questions with me, every night, for the last few weeks. I had finished filling out the test when he came over and helped me correct it. 100% on the test, and we ran over to the What's Up Hobbies tent to buy a Cesaroni Pro54 motor and J210 reload. Build it, load it up, walk out to the pad, a perfect clean launch to 3000' and clean recovery, not a scratch.

(We knew it would be fine, we have flown it a bunch of times on I218s.)

Big thanks to: ROC - what a great club!, Greg Lawson (ROC president) who did the cert, Skunkworks Rocketry and Andy Woerner, Cesaroni for the great motor.

And a very big thanks to The Rocketry Forum for all the excellent tips, advice, stories, inspiration, everything. Give yerselves a hand, people!

I hope this inspires others to go do some HPR.

Great job man!!! Sounds like you had a great day, one to remember. I am with Dan on this...needs pics ;)

Once again, Congrats!,

Awesome achievement! It's great to hear your son helped you out. I bet he was excited as you were. Congrats!
Big Congrats to our new L2!!!!!!!....... I have to agree with the others in saying PICS???????

Again, congrats

err are there samples of these questions anywhere? i figure i should start studying 4 years early... screw that spanish test...
hey all, thanks for the congrats. some photos posted below. I will post a video soon (still working on that).

hey Bob, congrats!!! except for the gusty wind, what a great day for flying.

Rabidsheep, we certed NAR. all the questions are available on the website, under "high power info" -> "cert procedures"; then look for "pool of questions". lots & lots of great info on the NAR website.

it's so simple, even a 6-year-old can do it!!

pool of questions in PDF format

the online practice test


oh yeah, I posted a review on EMRR of the
Skeeter .
L2 is cool because the rockets weigh more than the paperwork. unlike X-Prize I bet!!

that's the assembled motor under the yellow fin.
here's Aidan & the Skeeter on Pad 27. note the relaxed expression, "done it before, man, no biggie".

(sorry no launch pix, those will have to come from the video.)
it drifted about a half mile across the playa. Aidan said it landed standing up but fell over, I didn't see it.

nice chute, eh?
Not the rocket flight, although I have to say that was pretty neat too. I mean including your 6-yr-old son in the activity, taking the test with him, letting him help with the motor build and launch preps, and all the rest. This world would be a much better place if we had more dads like cls who would take the time to play with their kids.

cls, I hope that the care and love you are investing now, you will get back a thousand times in the coming years!