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Jan 26, 2009
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Today I was browsing online at school on RocketryOnline! forums. A post caught my eye referencing ATFE form 5400.3, so I went to ATFE's website to check it out.

When I ended up at, the school's blocking software didn't allow me to access the site.

The reason the blocker cited: apparently the website was found in the "Occult/New Age" category! I knew they were an illogical organization, but not that much...

Then I went to Google to check out the document I was seeking through their cache server (good way to get around the firewall ;) ). The ATFE site came up right away at the top of the list, and I noticed (next to the "cached" link), the category was listed as:

Category: Recreation > Models > Rockets

Wow. Go figure. Apparently they regulate model rockets too.

Try it yourself:,+Tobacco,+and+Firearms