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Jan 9, 2004
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Just letting you all know what is going on at STL Rocketry. I will be on vacation this week and be back next monday. Everyone who has ordered I am trying to get them out and shipped, but next monday they will be shipped completely. Also, I will be absent from August 1st to August 23rd for my wedding and honeymoon.

Thank you everyone for your great response to the parachutes we make here. I hope that everyone is satisfied with their product, if not, let me know and we can make it right to you.

Also, I am looking for a distributor of my parachute. If any kit makers would like a run of custom parachutes or parachutes in general feel free to contact me and we can talk.

I am also wanting to do a special TRF parachute and need some feedback as to what size/style to make it, just reply to the thread with your ideas.

Again, thanks for the great start and wishing you many more safe flights!!


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How about a Low to Mid power type of chute? Most everyone has mid-power, and everyone has access to Low-power, so that would be a chute that will fit nearly everyones needs.

There to, you are looking at a membership of over 1000 fliers...imagine if we all bought only one TRF special edition chute...I'm looking at 2 easy.

Have fun on vacation!
I agree - LPR chutes that are of a decent quality are always going to be in demand as long as Estes and others are selling low-cost, low-quality plastic chutes with their kits. It keeps the kit cost down, but most of us replace them fairly soon, if not immediately, with nylon, mylar, or some other more durable material.

Okay, so I have thought about this and wondered if an 18" X-Form Parachute would be okay for everyone? The colors are to be determined. It would have 8 lines (two each side).

What do you all think?

I'd be interested in an 18 " X-form chute - always looking for another type of chute to make a certain bird stand out. 8)

Congrats on the wedding, and remember, if'n she don't know about your rocketry business, nows a good time to tell

Okay, so I'll have an 18" X-Form, Blue and White. Now for more choices :) Do you guys want the blue or white panel on top, and dark blue or regular blue.

Also, maybe start a tally of who would want one.

I vote for blue on top.....dark blue...

Put me down for at least one. Maybe more depending on price.

white panel on top w/ TRF logo (if allowed) in the middle, with regular blue for sides..

I'll take one, maybe 2, but one for sure
A royal blue would be nice. Might want to make 'em both ways, though I'd prefer the blue over if I have to choose. Would take 1 or 2.

ALSO, is there any price list for your 'chutes? If not can you give some examples?

I can do dark and light blue - I can get both fabrics. I could try and find some royal blue. The price would be $10 a chute.

Soon we will be getting the website updated and have a TON data on the chutes (fps/weight).

One thought...white and blue...thats the color of the!!! Should make recoveries interesting.

Sounds like a great idea. I may very well buy one, we'll see!
Blue and white would be very hard to locate, unless there is a cloudy day, and even then wheww.

Hows about a Bret hart color scheme - Pink and black ?

Yeah I know, but those two colors would stand out quite a bit, the brighter the pink the better.

Otherwise, silver and black, gold and black and even neon green and black would work.

Just an
I have two parachutes that I ordered and were "made to order" out of scraps of fabric. The vendor had blue (more like cyan) and black and asked if I wanted the mix. I decided that I would prefer one of each. On a bright blue sky that black one stands out and on a grey sky, the blue one works just as well.

Pink and black would be fun though!

Len Bryan
So, how many of you all still want blue/white vs. the pink/black. I have either fabric available :) Pink/Black the Black would go on top and pink on the bottom.

Edward (still on vacation but can't resist TRF)