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Jan 17, 2009
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Got one of the new SquareOne kits from Newway Space Models. The kit arrived in perfect shape, and from first site it's a quality product. The kit includes a nice nose cone, and laser cut fins. Also included is a nice set of decals. The square airframe is super strong, but slightly heavier compared to the normal BT material. The spirals are maybe a little deeper than normal, but the square tubing should fill up easy. The other thing worth mentioning is that a sandpaper pack is included with the kit, along with a cotton swab glue applicator. The included instructions are very well done, and clearly written.

Here is a picture of the kit components:

Here is a picture of the completed engine mount, and coupler. The engine mount builds the same with one exception, the centering squares. Make sure the squares line up properly before gluing so they will slide in the body. The included kevlar shock cord attaches to the coupler, and then the coupler is glued in the body.

More to come, but this is a nice product.
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That does look nice! Very unique! Think I may snag one of the 'tube' finned ones...
I'll post a picture soon, but the construction is completed. The only unusual thig I ran into is fin alignment. Originally I thought the body being square it would be easy. However, when I had the fin aligned looking from the front, they looked misaligned from the rear. This was a slight looking misalignment, but it looked really way off. The issue is the square BT was mis-shaped or out of square.

The only other thing to comment on is the BT is heavy compared to the normal round BT. Also, the BT is also like a tank, very tough stuff. There is more filling to do compared to the typical BT, but I didn't find it to be a big deal. The nose cone was made from very hard balsa which is excellent.

Overall, I very pleased with the product.
I finished, and flew the SquareOne today. Overall I'm very pleased, the finished rocket weighs 3.4oz which is slightly over the 3.1oz in the stock specs. No doubt it's a heavy design, but it's very durable.

Both flights were very stable. First was a C6-3 with got very respectable altitude with a perfectly timed ejection. Second was using a B6-4 that's a good small field motor to use, but not very impressive for me. The stock chute brought the model back both times with no damage.

Nice rocket over all, being Square really is cool after all!