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Discussion in 'Vendor Display' started by SteveThatcher, Oct 10, 2018.

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    This all started when I created a specific size fin holder for the Mach1 Omicron rocket project. There were comments suggesting people would be interested in buying pre-made holders. I managed to create designs for 54mm, 38mm/BT60, and 29mm holders (24mm will have to wait until next week). I added 30 degree marks along the top rim and made the holders "adjustable" so they will fit most manufacturers' tubing (I don't . I was able to fit the 54mm holder on LOC, PML's Phenolic and Quantum, MadCow's fiberglass, and Blue Tube for example. I don't have anything in my stock that it wouldn't fit... The 38mm also fits the BT60 thinwall fiberglass that the Omicron is made from.

    The holders are made from a plastic called PETG which is not a really stiff plastic and allows you to spread the holder apart a bit to fit different sized tubes without cracking or breaking the holder. The clamp is just a Phillips head 4-40 machine screw, so you can use a normal screwdriver to tighten the holder on the air frame you are working on. The fin slot can also handle a range of normal thickness fins for the 54mm and smaller air frames. If you have something special in mind, get in touch and I can probably make you holder for your project if these don't quite work for you.

    I have not put these in the store yet because I wanted to find out how many people were interested in them. Because of their size, they do take several hours to make - one at a time. I am willing to take the time and run them at the end of my day (which is usually 11pm) to make them.

    • 54mm $8.95
    • 38mm $7.95
    • 29mm $5.95
    If you would like one or more of them please send me an email at and I will get back in touch. I am leaving for a launch Thursday and will be back at the "factory" on Monday (home). I will try and reach out while I am at the launch, but I will not be able to fabricate any parts until I get back next week. Thank you!

    54mm Holder

    38mm/BT60 Holder

    29mm Holder

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