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May 10, 2011
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Does anyone here own the book "small sounding rockets"? Im thinking of buying it, and im wondering if its worth the $60. Is there a place I can get it for less?
I have a copy of this book.

The book consists of many blueprint/engineering drawings of sounding rockets. I was amazed that any of these drawings still existed. The quality of the drawings is not always the best as the originals have not been stored in climate-controlled conditions.

The book is chaptered by company and their products.

There is historical information about people, companies and the individual rockets.

It is very much a labor of love for the author. It makes an excellent addition to my rocket book collection along with all of Peter Alway's books.

I perceive this book as geared more towards the historian and/or scale model builder. If you fit into that catagory then you will like it.