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Aug 15, 2012
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Posted by Eric Gates (Gates Brothers Rocketry) on the abmr newsgroup.
A BIG Saturn 1B. I'll try to find more info on it if I can. I wonder if this will be made into a kit? ;)


An update about Dirk and Eric. I though those two stopped rocketry all together.

I can't wait to see the final product of the 1B

Does anyone know what it'll be powered by?? (yea, rocket motors, I know that part)

I saw them post on RMR, I didnt know there were any pics that thing is large

Yes the Gates are still very much in the hobby. They just had some family issues to settle. Anyways, They have just started on this thing a month or so ago. The outer shell is some very tough custom made carbon fiber molded pieces. The second build meeting s today and tomorrow actually. I was hoping to go and join them, but it didn't work out. I'll definitely get out there sometime though.

It is supposed to fly at BALLS this year, which i think is a little optimistic, but whenever it does fly it will be going on 5 AMW P10,000s according to Erik:D Maybe PPL will get to do the motors for their SATURN V :D :D :D
Pah, pah, pah P's???? 5 OF THEM?????

Holy cow. I'll be able to hear them form over here!! I sure hope they film it.

I wonder how much that set them these guys are awesome
Originally posted by jflis
What is the scale they are building to?
26" in dia., 19' tall with a 3' escape tower bringing it to 22' total height. 5 six inch and 4 four inch motor mounts in the booster. 1 six inch motor mount in the sustainer.
With permission from Erik Gates and of course, the TRF administrators, I'd like to post other pics of this build process for those of you that can't access that particular ng or ng's in general.
I believe that Gates Brothers Rocketry plan on a website dedicated for this build but, it's currently not setup. Ok with TRF staffers to go ahead and post?
Ok...looks like np posting the pics so, here goes.

The business end...
Wish we could post personal soundtracks. All I can think of is

Originally posted by Rocket Flier VB
I sure hope they film it.


I'm not quite sure why, but this comment made me chuckle.

:D :kill: :p

Knowing them they'll probably have a few digital camcorders on board filming the flight from every conceivable angle. Let's just hope none of the motors CATO. :eek:
I am sitting here with my mouth wide open.
This build leaves me speechless.
Wow, where can I buy tickets for THAT flight! It will be either one awesome flight or one hell of a disaster. Either way I can't wait to see it.:)
I'm not really concerned about how huge the thing is, I want to know where they get the $MONEY$ for that! That must be THOUSANDS of $$$$$$$$$$!!!!!!!!!! :eek: :eek: :eek:
Erik just informed me that there is a website setup where all future info and pics will be added as they become available.
This is one project I know I will follow closely. :D

Saturn 1B Project
very cool, that explains where they get the money, and man this must have set them back more than a few bucks.

I hope that happens to me someday ;)
I want to know where they get the $MONEY$ for that! That must be THOUSANDS of $$$$$$$$$$!!!!!!!!!!

I rekon they are the sons of Bill Gates... ;)
Holy jumping catfish!!! I'd heard about this project before but this is the first time I've seen the pics. That is just way too cool! I wish I could launch one or two of my small camera rockets ahead of this big boy and get some shots of it coming up!
Ray, you know, I was thinking the same thing. I also hope that they have a vid near the CSM looking down this beast.

You should contact them about doing such a launch. I'm sure they would be thrilled (heck, I would even do 2-3 vid cameras just to increase the chances of capturing it! :)