RPG, a cool little tube rocket that I launched

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I’m pretty sure it will work…
Jun 14, 2023
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I launched a cool RPG style rocket that I scratch built! The videos of the launch were really cool, so I decided to post them!
There are 2 different videos of 2 different launches. I posted the slo-mo video of one of these launches on the slo-mo liftoff gallery here: Slo mo liftoff gallery
I highly recommend watching the videos, they are really cool! Especially the slo-mo one. (Again not posted here, but in the slo mo liftoff gallery.)


  • Tube launch rocket launch b6-4.mp4
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  • IMG_0996.MOV
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I can't deal with finding your rocket in the Slow Mo thread; but what is it that you are using to launch stable out of tubes?

Years ago you could by a small metal fin can with springs to open up fins out of tube; it was a mil surplus item.

Or are you using SABOTs
I like sabots and a piston. Closed bottom tube and it comes out at warp speed.
And all the parts flying about look cool.
It's name is the rpg just kind of because it looks like one. I have a main tube up front, which is connected to a back tube that is much smaller. I put centering rings and fins in the back so that both ends fit perfectly into the tube. Just added some nose weight until it would pass a swing test. Here's the slo mo video:


  • Slo mo rpg launch c6-5.mp4
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Also I just realized that an Estes 3" pro series II tube fits perfectly in one of the large pvc pipes I have! Mwahahahahaha!!!!!
Tube launching seems really cool. I used to like the launch towers from the old "Handbook of Model Rocketry". These days I like to photograph launches and any form of tube/tower launcher would really interfere with that.
They were on sale. I’m in my second decade of walking around in stores thinking, “how could I make a rocket out of that?” Guess I’m a @Daddyisabar wannabee.
One benefit of oddroc scummery is that it keeps away Industrial Disease.

Hey Mr. RSO, could I use the term RPG if instead of launching out of a fixed vertical tube, I just picked up the tube and lauched it off my shoulder? :)

Tube launching is cool. Recycling plastic soda bottles and other household items to make model rockets is fun! Especially if they were on sale.