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Jan 26, 2010
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Hello All ----
Can anyone point me at a good archive of RockSim files where I might find a *.rkt file (RockSim 9 compatible) for the Estes Converter rocket???

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Cheers!!!! ;)
Guess I am going to have to make my own *.rkt file -- wish me luck :D

Cheers -- Bob
Hello Gents -- thanks for the reply and interest. If I do end up with something useful, I will post it.

The model is no longer made by Estes. My model is assembled and I cannot get another one to have individual parts to measure mass and size easily.
This rocket is heavy so the mass distribution is important for proper simulation. The model was also configurable in 2, 3 or 4 sections to change the length and use heavy plastic couplers for joining.

Unfortunately I did not have RockSim when I had the model in an unassembled state.

In retrospect, I would not have recommended the model to anyone, probably for the same reasons that Estes quit supplying it. My first post here was in hopes that maybe someone (way back) had modeled it in RockSim.

Regards --- Bob ;)
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If you can send me info, I can do a Rocksim for you. I would need:
Nosecone length and shape
Body tube diameters and lengths
Engine tube size and length
Fin shapes - if you provide X and Y axis points I can match your fins
Howdy Guys --- I have no trouble setting up the model dimensions on my RockSim. The problem is knowing the mass of the parts. This is an assembled (glued) model. The model cannot be replaced even if I destroyed it to get at the massive parts (couplers, finset, etc). It is just not worth it.

I am going to start work on a current model as my "general fun rocket" (B-C-D) as well as working on selecting a mid-power (E-F-G) model to start working on.

Thanks Again --- Bob --- ;)