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Jun 18, 2003
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I have been playing around with Rocksim the last few days....... I have designed several rockets, a few that might turn out to be my L3 rocket and a few that I might use to get into the "mile high" club........

While I have been trying to design a rocket for a flight over 5280', I have tried many combinations of body tubes, fins and motors....... In doing so, I have realized that the "database" is not complete........ For example, there are only 3 Hypertech motors and none are above a "J"......... I am really thinking about using a Hypertech "M" for my L3..........

Is there a way to "load" or "install" more motor data?

Also I noticed that there are no Aerotech parts (or at least body tubes)
Here is information on how to create motor files in RockSim, I got this off the Apogee Rockets Site:

"There are two ways to add motors to the program. The simplest way is to download the new motor files from various web sites like ( or ( The second way is to create the motor file yourself from the thrust curves provided by the motor manufacturer. To help you with that, RockSim comes with a separate Motor Editor program. This allows you to modify or create rocket motor rasp.eng files by dragging points around on a thrust curve. This is then compiled (the compiler is also included), and the data is ready to use by the RockSim program. With this feature, you can design rockets around your own hypothetical rocket motors. There is no set limit on the size of the motor, so you can input the largest of HPR motors!"

For detailed instructions on how to do this, read the instruction manual that comes with RockSim and/or visit:

Or view the movie:

I don't know of a database with Aerotech parts, only LOC parts are available at Rocket Reviews.

Bruce S. Levison, NAR #69055