Re-creating the old Estes Condor: a question about engine mounts

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Jul 18, 2010
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One of my favorite kits back in my childhood was the mini-motor Estes Condor (a.k.a. "Orbital Transport Lite"). I've downloaded the plans from JimZ, and I'm pretty confident about being able to pull the various parts together.

The one question I have is about obtaining a 13mm BT50 engine mount. A quick look at the Estes catalog would suggest they don't sell 'em separately anymore. Does any one have any suggestions as to where I could obtain an engine mount kit for this? Or, will I need to cobble one together from scratch?

(And, yes, I know, I could do it with an 18mm mount, but I'd like to build it consistent with the original, if I can.)

Thanks in advance!
Thanks, Fore Check! I'd read that thread, a few days ago, and completely spaced out on it.

Since the project isn't at the top of my to-do list, I'll probably wait for FlisKits to bring out their mount kit. So, Jim, count me in on that one!
Coolness! What sort of material would you recommend for the centering rings (since BMS has a bunch)? And, what would I do for a thrust ring?
I just bought a bunch of the fibre rings specifically for recreating all of the Mini-Brutes in their intended form. I think the ply rings would be overkill. I have an 18mm Condor clone and another one that is BT-56 based. Now I just have to clone the original.

Yes, ply is waaay overkill for a 13mm engine. Go with the part #
CR0550-F (.946x.546x.05thk) fiber ring.

For an engine block, order

CR35-P (.516x.376x.25thk) paper (mini eng thrust ring)

For 45¢ you have your rings and engine block.

Do not forget your engine hook!
BMSEH175 (1.75 inch long) EH for Estes 1/2A

You guys are great! I truly appreciate the guidance. (And, Astronboy, I'll be in touch about decals...)