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Jan 4, 2009
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Man, how did I miss it?

Quest has two, fairly recent, kits out: Stiker AGM and the Magnum.

Anyone have any direct experience with these?
Striker & Magnum are on my build pile - hopefully get to them soon.
I finally got a Raptor KIT:)...

Congratulations on getting another of your excellent rocket ideas into production, Scott. :)

I'll be picking up a Raptor kit when they become available.

Now, there are some 'other' kits you designed (And the motors to go with them) that I am waiting on to be released, also. :D ;)
I can not wait for this one!! Must be a great feeling to have one of your kits mass produced. Congrats.. Lets see....I have the Fake Wulf, Odyssey, soon to own Raptor......any others i don't know about???? I am fairly new and not sure if there are more out there i need to buy.:)