Quest Tomahawk (BGM-109C) interesting note...

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Feb 22, 2003
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I'm currently building the Quest Tomahawk (BGM-109C/D) kit, and after doing some research I find it interesting that Quest decided to create a kit based on one of the least popular Tomahawk versions.

The BGM-109C (initially BGM-109C-1 and -2, but changed in 1986 to RGM-109C and UGM-109C) TLAM-C (Tomahawk Land-Attack Missile - Conventional) is a conventionally-armed (same WDU-25/B warhead as -109B TASM) missile for long-range strikes against high-value targets. It entered U.S. Navy operational service in 1986.

Their model has proper markings on a show piece, and yet these markings were not common during usage. See link:

Here are a couple pages on the Tomahawk:

By the way, the card stock shroud is a pain and has been replaced by a styrene sheet, my jamcam won't take a clear pic of the work, so I'm going to have to try something else to post a pic.

like many of my other rockets my Tomahawk's decals are "somewhere" in the garage and the rocket has been flown a dozen times painted just plain white.

I'm either lazy, or too anxious to fly.

.... thanks for posting the interesting info!