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Jan 12, 2010
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I finished this a few months back:

Thanks for the comments guys.:) Yes, it is the old Quest kit. I found it in a hobby shop stuffed away in a corner with a bunch of old rocket stuff. Indeed, I could have painted it in the traditional scheme as on the package, but I wanted to paint it a way that was reflective of my state. Thus, the Ad Astra (state motto) the Jayhawk, 1861, (year of statehood) and the Prairie Schooner (for the wagons that crossed the plains.) I seldom paint stuff to reflect the packaging. I want to see if I can make it look unique and to see if I can pull off the technique. (sometimes it works, often...not.*LOL*) In regards to the fade, I used an air brush. I built up the yellow enough to make it visible and then over-sprayed light coats of white to get the two to blend but not enough to indicate any real demarcation. Yellow is a great color to work with when doing a fade. I had similar results with my Thunderstrike using yellow and orange.

Again, thank you for your comments. I'm glad everyone liked the paint job.:)
I forgot to add, that I use spray-on lacquer as well. It's from a rattle can, and sprays kinda heavy, but it helps with the blending of the fade in the end.
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Very cool. I've always wanted to learn how to airbrush!

It's easier than you think. I would suggest a double action rather than a single action. I use a Paasche 2000. With a double action you can really crank down your paint flow and do nifty detail work.
I'm thinking his Aerobee-Hi was the old Quest kit, rather than the recent Model Missiles Inc 50th Anniversary Reproduction kit by Quest.

A little bit bigger around and had a shorter plastic nose. But yes, he could've done a traditional scheme, as that was what was suggested on the header card.

Here's a picture of the Quest MMI 50th Anniversary Reproduction kit (L) and the Quest (Sort-of-scale) Aerobee-Hi model (R).

Quest Aerobee-Hi models.jpg