Pumpkin season is upon us!

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Jan 17, 2009
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Yep, it's pumpkin season :)

I began the season with my pumpkin carving class with the Boys & Girls club, but don't get to carve as I am too busy working with the kids. I began carving this weekend at the annual Milford Pumpkin Festival as a local artist I set up in the center of the event and spent the day carving pumpkins with the Destination Imagination group. (I donated 2 of my pumpkins to them for a raffle)

I was really pleased with how this years pumpkins are coming out. Just hope I have the time to do the others I have planned :)

A photo album of my day in Milford can be found here.

Also, if you're not familiar with my pumpkin carvings, you can see my photo albums here.

Here are some of my current pumpkins. I didn't get good pix of some of them as I gave them away before I had the chance...

  • A logo pumpkin for a local business
  • My display at the festival pumpkin lighting showing Jimi Hendrix, a husky dog, and a loon
  • The other side of the display showing a skeleton with a battle axe, a skull and the logo pumpkin
  • Close up of the skull. I really like the way this one came out :)
  • Close up of Jimi Hendrix. I so love this design that I tend to do at least one every year :)

Enjoy! :)





Those look great! They top any pumpkin I've ever carved, for sure.
Got two more done!

First, a simple pumpkin. I was invited to demonstrate this carving technique to the special needs class at the elementary school and was warmly greeted by several students and teachers alike. I spent the hour showing them the technique on a design that could be carved and lit in under an hour (45 min actually).

The other pumpkin was one I did for Kathy, my sweetie :)


Finally got around to doing another pumpkin. This one for where Kathy works. the shop logo on the front and Johnny Cash on the side.

Came out pretty good and they are sure to love it :)


Well, probably my last pumpkin of the season, also a logo pumpkin (for the pastry shop that did our anniversary cake :) )

Want to get a better pic of it, but here it is. First pix show the logo I was carving followed by the unlit and lit version of the pumpkin.

The lettering was a pain, but it came out pretty good. Hope everyone has a wonderful and fun Halloween! :)



Getting closer to the end of pumpkin season. I was invited to Peabody, MA by the Peabody parks and rec department (their director is my former director from the Boys & Girls club) to do a pumpkin carving class with local kids.

One day to learn the technique and draw their pumpkins and a second day to carve them and light'em up :)

Today I have my last pumpkin class with the Litchfield B&GC class. Today we finish carving and light them up as well.

Here are the pumpkins from Peabody