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Jul 10, 2004
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Hello everyone, I am interested in making my own fuel grains, and I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction to find information on doing so. This would include actual making as well as molding the grains. Thanks.
First, provided you have enough flights under your belt, read Proffessor Terry McCreary's book, then read Terry McCreary's book, and as a third step read Terry McCreary's book again. Invest in a load cell and test established motors, then take the propellant making class in your area from reading the book you'll understand more of what's happening. That's a start, in time you'll learn the science and the proper way to handle the chemicals involved.
I'm getting started in EX stuff, and McCreary's book is my new bible.

Read it, memorize it, cherish it;)

Just ordered my first chems, I'll be on my way before too long:D
Terry McCreary's book is an excellent read, and a fun read at that. Highly, highly recomended.
I read the book about 5 times, then went and mixed with someone who knew what they were doing a bunch of times. It was the same thing as a class, except for free, and they didnt mind having someone mix a bowl of propellant for a while .... gave their arms a rest ;) ;) ;)
It depends on what one want's to make. ANCP or APCP motors. For APCP I beleive one is required to have LEUP to make and store motors. ANCP doesn't require LEUP.

last i heard, there was still a loophole for that, dont sell or give away your motors and you are exempt from the LEMP requirements

Scott McNeely