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Jan 18, 2009
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For those who are interesting in modeling Ares 1-X, use this KSC link and do a search for the word: Ares

It will bring up lots of images of Ares 1-X subassemblies at KSC, as well as other preparations being made.

Take note that 1-X is not the same as the "real" Ares-1 is supposed to be.

In comparison with the Little Joe-II program, Ares 1-X would pretty much be the QTV flight.

Ares 1-X is a dummy from the second stage up, so the Orion and abort system are all dummies too. Plus the First Stage SRB will have a dummy 5th segment, not a live 5th segment like the real one is supposed to have. So, take note that some of what you see externally for Ares 1-X will not be the same for the later ones.

- George Gassaway