PML plastic rivet strength

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Dec 14, 2013
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I'm not sure exactly which forum this should be posted in, but seeing how most other part discussions are here....

Upon completion of my PML Endeavor, I realized I needed a proper method of securing the nosecone. I picked up a little bag of PML plastic rivets for a dollar or so. They seem like a good way of securing the cone, being removable and reusable and whatnot.

Anybody know what sort of shear strength the things have? I'm securing the cone with two rivets, 180 degrees apart on the body tube, and yes, there's a 1/8" hole in the payload bay to equalize the pressure. Is two enough, or am I overestimating the strength of these little things?
I launched my Endeavor this past Saturday.
I only used 1 PML plastic rivet to secure the nosecone and it worked just fine.