Please Design my Rocket Fins: both are 2.6" x 62.25"

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Nov 6, 2009
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The one on the left has 4x24mm motors (4xE). The one on the right will be a 29mm motor mount.
Like the title says, both are Estes style BT-80 tubing (2.6") total rocket length including nose is 62.25".

I just can't think of what to do for the fins for either rocket.
I need some of you creative people to come up with some fin styles. I am open to anything (simple is good).
I do have rocksim 7 (but never learned how to use it well) if you are able to upload a fin design.
I would like to have finished fin designed by Tuesday 2/23 so I can cut, glue, and finish.
How about a long skinny fin on one of your models. Something like a 10" root chord x 2.5" length that comes to a triangle point. Your rocket is long enough that this root chord length should still be stable. Attached is the rough design I am talking about:

I'm thinking ringfins, maybe something like the Estes Hyperion or the Solar Flare. Ted
The 4 E motor rocket will require a level 1 cert to fly if you use estes motors due to propellant weight, I don't believe 4 Aerotech E's would have the same limitation.Though by the looks of it it will fly just as well on 4 D's.
Try doing a double delta with a big enough motor Itll go supersonic:neener: