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Planet Andy

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Aug 10, 2004
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okay ya buncha rocketheads,

My first official "show and tell" as a NEWBIEBAR. This began as an estes GBU Paveway and then when I realized I had the "bunker buster" (duh! or doh! pick one or both) I decided to spin the message 180 degrees. Painted it in the pumpkin and white colors of an old school VW Van and after several meetings and discussions handed it over to my "special detail department" (my wife, Elana) who stuck it with a bunch of flowery powery stickers. The "Peace Bomb" then got two clear coats. Hope you dig it cats... we think it's groovy. This is a preview of a new BAR edition of my website, but alas I am in the midst of of webhost meltdown which hopefully will be resolved (by the weekend?) and will feature more images and details of the "planet andy" fleet. Til then...


Kinda reminds me of the character (I think he was called Oddball?) that Donald Sutherland played in the movie "Kelly's Heroes"
He was a tank commander who was kind of wiped out, and remained that way with a little chemical assistance. Some of his tank crew had changed the shells for the big gun---they took out the explosive and filled them with paint. In the words of Oddball: the shells make "pretty pictures" when they hit.
Peace , Love and Model Rockets.....allllllllllll right man. coooool! :)
Thanks all,

For all those props. Elana finds it pretty cool that you're all diggin it.


"Smoke 'em if you got 'em...."

Or in this case... 3, 2, 1, Ignition!!!
Hey Kidz,

The early bird flyer beats the soccer team to the field. Got 2 great flights and two full length videos of the Peace Bomb (GBU Paveway) on 9/12. B64 engines, approximately 350 ft. altitude. Straight up, perfect apogee, perfect spillhole recovery from the clear blue. Picture below.
Very Groovy BayBay.
Your rocket seems to be begging to be filled with a load of flowers to come pouring out when the 'chute ejects?
Hmm... ran that flowers post by our "special details dept". She's got a thought about the chute... thanks powder...

fudd...i resisted any austin powers references and we kicked around other names including the word shag but we passed and christened it the more mainstream "peace bomb". but it is indeed shagadellic baybay.

Looks rainy in the (mid) northeast this weekend. Plenty of living room and hall to prime and's got vaccination appointment. will no doubt find time to clear coat the "long overdue" and break open the bag on a Fat Boy. Got the golden Michaels coupon and tiny Rocket budget this weekend.. 50% off Chrome Dome methinks? Happy Weekend All!!

nice launch pic
that rocket gave me an idea of a paint job on my project I'm building on:)