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Jun 30, 2010
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I've made a folder in Outlook Express for all of my TRF emails. But instead of dragging the emails into the folder, is there anyway of making the emails jump straight into that folder and not to my Inbox?

Why do you keep them? I delete them after I read the post. Just curious...I dunno how to do that.

I don't use Outlook Express anymore, but last time I did I seem to recall that you could create a rule that would automatically copy. Is there a "tools" menu? Maybe a menu entry there regarding rules?
Thanks guys, done :D Would it be worth closing this thread now that the thread has played it's part?
Naw, old threads usually just die away anyway. Plus I get to bump my count by responding again :)
Originally posted by rstaff3
Plus I get to bump my count by responding again :)

Not me... I only post substance. Consider yourself blessed! ;)
Admins, please go in and deduct 2 posts from rstaff3's account. :D
Originally posted by hokkyokusei
People still use Outlook Express?
Use Thunderbird, you know it makes sense!

2 Months ago I would have said to check out Bloomba, but since it's manufacturer (Stata Labs) was bought out by Yahoo! I can't do that anymore. It was a search-based system that used tags on every word in an e-mail and a Google-like system to find whatever you wanted in a fraction of the time. Truly an ingenious program, and it had a Bayesian spam filter built in. Too bad it was competition for Yahoo! and had to be bought out and shut down.