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Apr 8, 2009
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I just bought some 3" Blue Tube and a LOC 3" nosecone to go with it. The LOC nosecone seems to be a tiny bit too small for the tube. I know I can wrap tape around the base to make it tight but the tube outer diameter is just very slightly wider than the nosecone. I know it will fly OK but it doesn't look right. Also I'm concerned that the edge will interfere with the air over the static port holes in the payload section for the altimeter. Does anyone know of a 3" nosecone that fits well into Blue tubes?
1) I doubt the air flowing over the edge will affect your altimeter static ports. The air is already disturbed flowing around the nose cone. The static ports should be about 3 body tube diameters below the nose cone shoulder to allow the air to "even out" before encountering the static ports. This only pertains to barometric altimeters; if using an accelerometer-based altimeter you don't even need this distance.

2) The PML cones give a slightly better match between the BT and NC edge. Also, the Giant Leap cones work as well.
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