Nike Apache - half scale project

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Jan 18, 2009
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Central Viginia - USA
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Interesting. Here is my take on that bird if anyone wants a look:

This is mainly the Apache with the 4" payload bay:

This is mainly the Nike booster:

I have yet to make the flight ISC and fly as a two-stage. Both stages have been flown solo so far. Looking at staging O3400-Msomething.

I am also working on the standard flight configuration without the oversize payload bay. Should be able to get some extra altitude with the 3" NC.
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Looks like a half-scale Nike Apache Wallops Island Edition with that enlarged payload on the sustainer.
Yep. Flew a mass spectrometer to 70km in 1971 IIRC. I design spectrometers for a large company, so it seemed like a nice build. I like the lines of it better than the straight skinny payload version with the conical NC.