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Jan 18, 2009
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The Vikings Rocket Society (VRS) had our launch today near Richmond VA. It was a nice day for launching rockets. It was a little windy at times but was also calm too. My first rocket was a Flis Honest John. It was my first MMX. It went unstable about 10 feet off the launch rod and cork screwed for the rest of the flight. Don't know why. No damage. Second was the Estes Eagle, nice launch but the glider never separated but glided down with the booster. Third was a Estes Wizard very nice flight and successful recovery but broke a fin on landing. Fourth was a Sure Fire Red Hunter again a nice straight flight and recovery but broke a fin on landing. When building it I remember the lazer cut fins had the grain running parallel to the root edge. Repairs will not be a problem on both damaged rockets. Last flight was a Flis Night Whisper on a B6-4. Straight launch good altitude and recovery without any damage. It should really get up there on a C6 next time.
I noticed there were a couple of rockets that had parachutes that spun on the way down. I didn't think to ask at the time, can anyone enlighten me about these twirling parachutes?
lots of things can cause parachutes and the rockets underneath them to spin.
it was probably because the parachute was tilted to one side: if a few shroud lines are a little bit shorter than the rest then the parachute can spin, or rock from side to side. adding a swivel helps prevent swinging.