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New Estes Leviathan

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PM'd and am in process of completing the transaction. The kit fits quite nicely into a USPS Priority Mail medium mailing tube. Coast to coast shipping is $12.40.

If anyone else is interested, PM me with what you are willing to pay for this OOP kit and maybe you will get one too. It's a very popular inexpensive way to get your Level 1 certification so you can buy H-I motors for even larger kits. Original retail was $64.99.
Well the OP could have posted a follow up so I wouldn't be waiting for a reply.
:facepalm: Some people's children. LOL
Tried to save him some time and money but OP wanted a new unopened kit. I had to take the contents out of the package to fit them in the mailing tube. So, I have offered another kit, this time still in the package unopened, for a few dollars more shipping and a week versus two-day shipping.
No issues. Maybe he's collecting or found someone willing to pay big bucks for an unopened one. Hmmm.
He got back and said he wanted an unopened one because it was going to be a gift. He got a good deal on the kit, just a bit more shipping cost and transit time.

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