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Mar 14, 2004
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Noris Raketen Das Modell Saturn V.

I was sitting with my first cup of coffee wondering if I was going to have to call SETI@Home to make sense of the instructions when the boss walked by and started reading the package out loud. I forgot she'd been stationed in Germany. Time for her to earn that flying lamp.

It's in mid-power because the motor tube will fit a 3.75" long 24mm motor. That means F21. cha cha cha.

Lehrreich! Sicher! RIGHT! Bob's yer uncle!
Originally posted by hokkyokusei
Das Modell kits are not renowned for their "lovely bits" ;)

Nor am I renowned for my photography technique or equipment. But the boss says I can buy the close-out digital for less than $100 if it's still at CompUSA. Actually, the kit does look pretty neat. Wrap arounds and plastic flarings and such. Still, it'll have to wait. I'm bound for Dallas very shortly and I'll set up shop when I get there.