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Jan 18, 2009
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I'm looking for the fin pattern and main airframe length for the old North Coast Rocketry Phantom 2600. I've been to the usual places out on the web, and that one doesn't appear anywhere that I've looked. :eek:

Can anyone help me out?

Thanks in advance!
Would it be anywhere close to the Phantom 4000? I have just acquired a built one for $10 :D plus a brand new 40" chute to go along with it. The fins are a bit warped but I might give it a fly to see what it does before messing with it.
The fins are a bit warped but I might give it a fly to see what it does before messing with it.

A Phantom 4000 with warped fins flies just fine. Mine have been warped since the day I got the kit, and it doesn't affect the flight in the least. (Well, okay, technically, it increases drag....)

Sweet. Can't be that with a stick for what I paid for it and it came with a new $30 chute. I may just sand her down and repaint it then. The paint is cracking and almost pealing on the fins.

If the fin pattern will help, It's just a regular 3FNC, nothing special.
If you could give me the main body tube length, as well as the length of the fin root edge, I think I can take it from there with the help of some on-line photos. Thanks!
I don't know how much help I can be. The total length of mine doesn't seem to fit any of the catalogue descriptions available. Ninefinger is missing 1988 and 1993 catalogues. Total length is 53". Every other year is 50" for the Phantom 4000 and 50", 62" and 56" for the 4000HD. Mine does have TTW fins with 1.5"mm which fits for the HD other than the length. In the '94 catalogue it also lists the 4000 with TTW fins so I have no idea. The fella I bought it from said it came with a launch kit so that tells me it's just a 4000. I have no clue.

The measurements are Total Length 53", BT is 34" x 4" and Fin root is 8.5".

Here's the Ninefinger link

For the 2600 it lists 30.5" total length and 2.6" for '86 but goes to 2.7" in '87. From 1989 -91 it shows 32.5 total lenght and a BT of 2.7" and does not list the 2600 for 92 & 94.

You may be able to narrow it down if you can find the right nose cone in their catalogues.

Good luck.
OK, thanks for all of the data. I'll be able to work it out from here, or even just come close. I appreciate it!