Nat'l Anthem or Patriotism @ Major Events?

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Apr 22, 2009
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I suppose this is more of a curiosity question. Before any major events (ie - LDRS, BALLS, NARAM, etc.), do the event coordinators make a provision for the National Anthem to play over the PA before the day is kicked off? I suppose it isn't such a terrible thing if it isn't done, but I could certainly see where showing a bit of patriotism (and/or a moment of silence) prior to the festivities kicking off would lend more credibility to the people engaged in those activities. Besides, most major sporting events kick off the competition with this brief patriotic reflection. I am also of the type that associates these types of acts with people that have a sense of class.

Like I mentioned previously, no harm or ill feelings towards any organization that doesn't. I just think it would be "neat" or "cool" to be doing this in a ritualistic sense.
National Anthem was played at LDRS 23 this past weekend, I know 'cause I was there, see the attached pic.

Bruce S. Levison, NAR #69055
Originally posted by jflis
Well... least you got my *good* side... :p :p


Did you get any good pictures of the FlisKits Deuce's Wild that I flew at LDRS 23?

Thanks again for your help,

Bruce S. Levison, NAR #69055

I got a couple of good Deuce shots, but one I missed (but got a great recovery shot under chute). I will check tonight and post it if i have it.

I hope to get the photo album up this weekend.

busy getting ready for NARAM now... LOL

At the beginning of international soccer matches the national anthem of both countrys is played.At important matches such as finals this adds a real passion to the game.Unfortunatly the English fans have a nasty habit of booing the opposition during their anthem,which i find highly embarrasing and it causes the other to team to play harder.During the rugby world cup final it was very moving to see grown men shedding a tear while the british anthem was being played,this was true passion and im sure it help us to go on and win the game.:)
At TARC, there was the anthem and a Marine jet flyover.

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