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Kem Payza

Nov 13, 2023
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I’m lending this to my daughter for her science class and it was likely an Estes or Centauri kit that I built in the 1970’s but I can’t remember the name. Polaris?IMG_2686.jpeg
Most other manufacturers are in there as well. Sorry, I don't know Centuri's products well enough to be helpful.

It looks great for it's age!
My memory is coming back, I believe that this was scratch built and I used a body tube diameter and fin shape similar to the Cherokee-D. and I used a tangent ogive nose cone rather than secant ogive, and I put my own trim on it. I still have the red deco tape after all these years but I have no idea where I got the black and white decals.
The colors/sticker patterns looks like the Mk 109 Stingray E2X kit from the 90s/00s.

image source I found on google (didn't know he'd made one of these):

Is it possible that looking into the Mk 109 kit might lead to "it's using stickers from some old kit!" and that would help you? Or is it possible you restored the kit at some point, putting Mk 109 stickers on it?



Just googled Polish alcohol brands. At least 1 and 3 sound like good rocket names.
Whichever one is the cheapest, and therefore more of a chemical hazard. I suppose in the US we could name a rocket after Red White and Blue beer, which was amazingly cheap, and tasted that way. Not as bad as Miller, though.