My new paper model Sci-Fi rocket.

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May 21, 2003
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Hello Space- and Sci-Fi fans,

In the attachment you can see the sketch I made yesterday.

I was looking for a new type of rocket for the Ranger Ray
rocket series. This is what I came up with.

It may look like a difficult model, but I shall keep the number of
parts to a minimum, and the way of construction shall be
quite simple, as well.

With a few scratch built parts, a bigger and better looking
model can be achieved.

I bet some of you can even make this rocket really fly, although
I must say this type of rocket is assembled in space, and can
not be launched from the surface.
Who cares ? Just make it fly ! I'm sure it will stand out
from most other rockets ! ;-)
Especially if you make this one big enough.

Very cool design, Erik.

Reminds me of a kick-butt-space-fighter version of The Liberator on Blake's 7.

I like it! :D

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