MicroPeak Minimum Altitude


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Apr 25, 2022
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Western, KY
I flew the MicroPeak a few times today. The first launch was with my Rocket, Best Rocket and a 1/4A3-3T engine. It did not get very high at all and my eyes estimated that it didn't break 50 feet. I think it went low because of the drag from the F.A.L.L. (on the rail and in the air).

Anyways, I was expecting the MicroPeak to produce an error or indicate it was still waiting for launch. Instead, it said I reached an altitude of 11.8 meters, which is about 39 feet. Hmmm, that seems about right (I also flew the MicroPeak in my Estes Patriot along with the JL AltimeterTwo, with the JL giving a reading of 152 feet and the MicroPeak reading 146 feet or 44.5 meters).

Here's the question: the MicroPeak's instruction manual seems to say that unless the rocket reaches an altitude of about 100 feet, it shouldn't give me an apogee reading. But today, I didn't break 50 feet, and I got a seemingly valid reading.

Has the software of the MicroPeak been updated to a lower altitude threshold? I ask because my MicroPeak only waits 30 seconds from giving its last altitude reading and blinking every few seconds to indicate it's ready for launch (and the manual says it should wait 1 minute).