Micro-Rocket Launch Rod Adapter v2


Rocketship Games
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Feb 18, 2021
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Philadelphia, PA
Rocketship Games has released a new version of its micro-rocket launch rod adapter:


It is closely similar to the previous design but has a few functional and product changes:
  • A small set screw has been incorporated for positively securing the micro launch rod, a great suggestion by @kuririn.
  • We've switched to 0.055" launch rods, which are compatible with more kits from other manufacturers, another catch by @kuririn.
    • Basically, everybody's been more or less casually describing MMX rockets as using 1/16" rods, which is 1.5875mm. But Quest, Semroc, and some others were actually designing around 0.055" piano wire, which is 1.397mm, and using tight launch lugs. We had been using 1.5mm rods and those micro-rockets could bind on them.
  • The ceramic insulator now comes epoxied into the adapter arm, so you don't have to either attach it yourself or risk losing it.
  • Two 0.055" by 12" launch rods are now included with the adapter, on the theory you can never have enough spares of these narrow gauge rods.
  • Two clothespins are now included with the adapter.
    • We've found that the heavier cables used on many club launch pads can really pull at the adapter arm and MMX igniter legs, so it helps even more than usual to secure the wires to the pad and unweight their clips.
The first batch of these adapters is up in our store and shipping now.

We'll be closed December 22 to January 3rd, but will be back with several new kits and bits late in January. Happy holidays!


Rocketship Games' R5 MX Hawkeye ready to launch from an Estes 1/8" launch pad using our v2 launch rod adapter.


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Sep 16, 2015
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Louisville OH
Great enhancements! I used a drill bit to open up the launch lugs on my Quest RTF Shuttle and SV (they still fly lousy but at least they don’t bind now 😉) but I hadn’t thought of using smaller gauge piano wire. Good stuff from RSG!

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