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Loki 98mm casting and liner sets

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Apr 25, 2017
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Hi all! I'm looking for Loki casting and liner sets for 98mm hardware. Will take any and all lengths. Will take liners without casting tubes as well but prefer both. Thanks!
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Well slap me silly! I had no idea. For some reason I thought ARR was not Loki compatible, but I am wrong. Thanks Chris! I was pretty concerned when I thought I wasn't going to be able to find liners anymore. Scott said not within the next year on 98 casings and I assume the same after I bought the rest of his 98 liner sets.
I'll still take 98 and 75mm Loki stuff if anyone is getting out and there's a discount over the huge Loki price. Huge, but not too high. Loki phenolic is far superior, at least compared to the AT liners I've bought from ARR. ARR is great for the price but in a slot burner or moon and maybe even finocyl I much prefer Loki. I get about four solid static tests out of one Loki liner, flipped each burn, and then cut it and repeat.